Kitchen Equipment Rentals

Boil/Steam Kit

Use for soups without the strainer, or make a crawfish boil in this large stainless steel pot with sterno heat. Does not use a lid. 19" tall and 18" wide.

Stainless Steel Coffee Maker

Brew delicious, flavorful coffee with our 110-cup coffee machine urn. This easy-to-use coffee urn makes a large amount of coffee at one time so you can quickly serve a crowd.

Heavy Duty Grill

For backyard parties or catering needs.

Popcorn Machine

Prepare warm, fresh popcorn for your guests. Perfect for parties, corporate events, festivals, and graduation parties.

Mega Pop Popcorn Kit

Pre-measured compartments ensures your popcorn will be exactly how you like it. Butter flavor.

Popcorn Bags

1 oz. leak-proof red and white paper bags.

Cotton Candy Machine

Create fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth cotton candy for your guests.

Cotton Candy Floss Sugar

Fluffy and sweet cotton candy is sure to please your guests! Blue Raspberry or Pink Vanilla.

Sno-Kone Machine

The best treat for a warm day, hands down.

Sno-Kone Kit

Ready to use syrup in plastic gallon or quart bottle quantities plus a ladle for scooping ice and paper cups to hold the delicious treat.


Electric convection oven for cooking or baking needs.


Two baskets to prepare freshly-fried food at your event.

Canned Heat

Safely keeps food warm for 4 hours. For use with chafing dishes.

Electric Hot Box

Keeps food warm for hours.

Flat top Grill

Griddle-style top is perfect for making anything from burgers to pancakes.