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  • Hi, I’m David. I joined the team in January of 2024, and have been entrusted with showing the world the amazing things that T3 Event Rentals does. I come from a background in professional photography, web development, digital marketing, and IT, and I get to use, and further develop each one of those skills with the role I fill here. I handle the website, social media, YouTube, email marketing, ads, content creation, and the blog. Before I actually started working here, and actually the reason I work here today is because I was the photographer photographing the rental inventory for the old website back in Q3 of ’23. The 1-on-1 time I spent with William told me these are the kind of people I want to work with. These days, I still photograph the new inventory as it comes in. The process is much faster as it doesn’t change hands from camera to web and marketing material.

    David Avant

    Director of Marketing




    Web & Marketing