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  • Family Day Event Space with T3 Event Rentals

    At T3 Event Rentals, we specialize in transforming empty spaces into vibrant experiences. Recently, we had the pleasure of creating a spectacular event space for over 1000 guests right in the heart of an empty parking lot. Here’s a glimpse into how we brought the vision to life:

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    Family Day Event Rentals from T3 Event Rentals

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    At T3 Event Rentals, one of our greatest strengths is transforming vacant spaces into vibrant experiences. We recently crafted a stunning event area for over 1000 guests in an empty parking lot. Here’s how we brought this tropical family fun day to life.

    Setting Up the Tent:

    We started out by assembling a massive 60-160’ Twin Peak Rope and Pole Tent secured with 54 42” stakes drilled into the asphalt for stability. Without stakes, a tent of this size would demand over 300,000lbs of concrete for support. We drill and patch the holes afterward. Our Avant 528 makes quick work of hammering in the stakes. It’s so much faster than the days of sledgehammers. Next came the layout and stitching of the tent top, followed by the raising of the poles. Rope and pole tents are all prep work, and once it’s done, they go up in a matter of minutes.

    Arranging the Seating:

    Once the tent was up, we arranged 90 60″ round tables and the 6’x30″ rectangle tables for the buffet table. We also set up 900 of the 973 white aluminum chairs, in the dining tent leaving the rest to be placed around the facepainters, dj booth, and characature artists. Sidewalls were installed on the backside of the tent to create space for the catering staff.

    Other Rentals

    While the main tent was being set up, we also had team members assembling a 20×20 bandshell tent, a 10×40 marquee tent, a 10×20 frame tent, and a 10×10 frame tent. Some last-minute additions, including an additional 7000 Quiet generator and 3 10×10 pop tents for caricature artists, were made Saturday morning.

    Adding the Finishing Touches:

    Some setup needed to be done on the day of the event. For that stuff, our awesome event planners covered all 90 60″ rounds with our white polyester linen rentals. Then added tropical flower arrangements, which added the perfect island vibe. I was actually very impressed with the 12″ monstera leaves they had with the arrangements. All that was left was to set up the rest of the black linen rentals for the solid wood cocktail tables, and put the the popcorn and cotton candy machines in place. Together, we truly turned this space into a fun festival like environment.

    Powering the Experience:

    Behind the scenes, we had a seamless flow of power with generators, electric sleds, and power distribution solutions. With proper equipment and experience, our rentals powered the entire event. From the DJ’s stage and equipment to the catering stations, we ensured uninterrupted fun for everyone.