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  • Behind the Scenes: T3 Event Rentals Delivers for the Film Industry

    Film Location Rental Service

    In the fast-paced world of film production, readiness is key. T3 Event Rentals recently demonstrated our expertise in film location rental service by creating a holding room film rental in Atlanta, tailored to industry needs. We transformed a roofless, abandoned brick building into an event space using our top-notch tent rentals, climate control solutions, and more.


    Adjacent to the film location, we set up a 30×75′ frame tent alongside a 30×50′ frame tent, both enclosed with sidewalls and connected by a 15′ walkway for seamless indoor access. Powering the setup was a reliable 20kw towable generator, ensuring electricity for the entire operation. For warmth, we utilized a 400k BTU diesel heater with a Y splitter to evenly distribute heat to both tents. High bay lighting illuminated the space, creating a professional atmosphere. Camo tarps concealed the tents for night filming. Our complete film location rental service ensured seamless management of the holding area.


    Inside, we arranged forty 8′ tables and 200 chairs, providing ample seating for the crew. To maintain airflow in Atlanta’s spring climate, we installed five 20″ pole fans. Additionally, we constructed four 8×8′ changing rooms using pipe and drape, featuring carpeted floors for talent privacy and comfort. Each space included omnidecking floors covered in carpeting. Furthermore, we equipped two makeup stations and two hair stations with director’s chairs and lit vanities atop of our adjustable height tables.


    To blend the tents with the environment, we covered them with camo tarps, ensuring seamless integration. This meticulous attention to detail is evident in the media on this page.


    Despite the setup’s complexity, our team completed it in just 4 hours. While others may take days, our efficiency ensures prompt action readiness. With our Film Location Rental Service, T3 Event Rentals transforms otherwise unusable space into functional space.”



    Take a Look Around

    Standing in the middle of a 30×75′ and a 30×50′ frame tent connected with sidewalls, heat, generator power, pipe and drape dressing rooms with carpeted floors, fans, make-up and hair stations, and seating for 200 people.

    Standing in front of the vanities setup for hair and make up on location. Pipe and drape dressing rooms to the left.

    Outside view of the tents showing the ductwork coming from the 400,000 BTU diesel heater, and the camoflauge tarps to cover the white peaks of the tents.

    20KW Towable Generator outside frame tents with a fire extinguisher

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