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  • Cherry Linens


    Transform your event with the vibrant and elegant touch of our cherry linens. These high-quality linens add a bold and sophisticated charm to any occasion, making them perfect for weddings, banquets, and special celebrations. Available in a range of sizes to suit any table, our cherry linens provide a polished and stylish look.

    Available Sizes:

    • 90×132″ Linens: Perfect for larger rectangular tables, offering a seamless and elegant appearance.
    • 60×120″ Linens: Ideal for rectangular tables, providing a sleek and contemporary look.
    • 120″ Round Linens: Perfect for round tables, creating a full and graceful drape.
    • 90″ Round Linens: Ideal for smaller round tables, adding a charming and intimate feel.
    • 132″ Round Linens: Suitable for large round tables, ensuring a polished and refined look.
    • 108″ Round Linens: Great for medium-sized round tables, adding a polished and refined finish.
    • 90″ Round Umbrella Linens: Designed specifically for tables with umbrellas, offering a tailored fit.
    • 90×156″ Linens: Designed for banquet tables, these linens add a grand and luxurious touch.
    • 96″ Round Linens: Perfect for standard round tables, ensuring a neat and attractive presentation.
    • 90×90″ Square Linen: Ideal for square and small round tables, providing a versatile and elegant touch.

    Crafted from premium fabric, our cherry linens are both durable and luxurious, ensuring your event decor stands out. Whether you’re hosting an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, these linens will enhance your decor and leave a lasting impression on your guests.


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    90X132" Linens, 60X120" Linens, 120" Round Linens, 90" Round Linens, 132" Round Linens, 108" Round Linens, 90" Round Umbrella Linens, 90X156" Linens, 96" Round Linens, 90×90" Square Linen


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    Our standard rental timeframe is approximately 3 or 4 days depending on the day of the event (delivery the business day before the event, pick up the business day after the event). We also offer long-term rental options for needs such as construction, renovation, natural disasters, etc.

    We typically do not, but we are happy to do this for you. You may request setup and breakdown of tables and chairs in advance during the reservation process. An additional charge will be necessary for this service.

    Absolutely! We have a full range of tent drapery accessories to meet your needs.

    To help control the tent climate, we have fans, misters, port-a-cools, and temperature-controlled heating.

    Unfortunately, planning an outdoor event is difficult due to the uncertainty of the weather, but if we deliver products, we expect payment in full. Please keep in mind that tents are temporary structures and are not to be used as storm-shelters. We recommend that every outdoor event has an evacuation plan in place prior to the event.

    We offer a weekend delivery or pickup for an additional fee to cover the overtime hours for our staff.

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