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  • Cranberry Linens


    Elevate your outdoor event with the rich and elegant touch of our 120″ cranberry round umbrella linens. These high-quality linens are perfect for adding a bold and sophisticated charm to any occasion. Ideal for round tables with umbrellas, our cranberry linens provide a polished and stylish look that enhances your decor.

    Crafted from premium fabric, our cranberry linens are both durable and luxurious. They ensure your event decor stands out, whether you’re hosting an intimate gathering or a grand celebration. The tailored fit for umbrella tables ensures a seamless and elegant appearance, leaving a lasting impression on your guests.



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    Your irrigation lines must be marked before we arrive on site. You can call 811 for a free locate service of the major utility companies. They will only mark from the main line to the meter so it is your responsibility to know where lines run on your property. Most of the time we can avoid them if we know where they are.

    We have perimeter, bistro, gobo, globug, twinkle, uplighting and christmas lighting as well as chandeliers in many styles and colors. Check out some of our lighting rental products below.

    The stakes will be between 24”-42” long depending on the size of the tent.

    Any changes must be finalized by 12pm 5 business days before delivery to ensure our staff has time to perfect your order by updating paperwork and pulling and checking items for delivery.

    Unfortunately, planning an outdoor event is difficult due to the uncertainty of the weather, but if we deliver products, we expect payment in full. Please keep in mind that tents are temporary structures and are not to be used as storm-shelters. We recommend that every outdoor event has an evacuation plan in place prior to the event.

    The balance is due 5 business days before delivery. If payment is not received, we will try to reach you to secure payment so the reservation goes forward. T3 reserves the right to cancel the reservation if we do not receive payment.

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