Frequently Asked Questions About Tents

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What is the difference between a Rope and Pole and a High Peak Tent?

A high peak tent is a rope and pole tent but it has very high peaks at the center poles to give it an elegant swooping peak that really stands out.

What is the difference between a Rope and Pole and a Frame Tent?

Rope and Pole tents have center poles that may obstruct your view. Frame tents do not have center poles and are used frequently for wedding events that require an open view.

Do you have clear top tents?

Yes we do! Our frame tents can have clear tops which are wonderful for use during the fall, winter, and spring months.

How much space do we need for a tent?

Rope and Pole tents require an additional 14 feet to stake the tent (7' on each side) so make sure you take this into consideration when determining the area where you wish to place the tent.

Do I need a permit for my tent?

It is best to call your local planning and zoning department to confirm, but typically private events on private property do not need them. If you are a business hosting an event on a business address then you traditionally do need a permit.

What kind of tent walls do you have?

We have solid walls, window walls, and clear side walls. We also have doors.

What are the sizes of your tents?

We can accommodate the smallest event in a 10 x 10 or go as large as a 60 x 230. Larger tents are available as well as structure tents. We can put multiple tents together to make a larger space - call and ask for more information to suit your needs.

How do you secure the tents?

Depending on the surface, we stake into the ground or use concrete blocks to secure the tent. When necessary, we can even stake into asphalt - we drill a hole then patch it when we remove the tent. We always secure the tent.

Do you have to stake the tent to secure it?

Not always. If we are unable to stake the tent, we will use concrete blocks to safely secure the tent.

How deep do the tent stakes go?

The stakes will be between 24”-42” long depending on the size of the tent.

What if I have irrigation or utilities in my yard?

Your irrigation lines must be marked before we arrive on site. You can call 811 for a free locate service of the major utility companies. They will only mark from the main line to the meter so it is your responsibility to know where lines run on your property. Most of the time we can avoid them if we know where they are.

Can you cover the tent poles to make it look better?

Absolutely! We have a full range of tent drapery accessories to meet your needs.

Still have a question?

We are tent experts and can answer any questions you have.

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