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  • Rectangle Folding Tables


    Maximize space and functionality with our Rectangle Folding Tables Rental. Perfect for banquets, conferences, and outdoor events, these tables offer versatility and convenience without compromising on durability.

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    Table 4'X30" Folding, Table 4X4 Square Folding, Table 5X5 Square Folding, Table 6' Picnic Plastic Folding, Table 6' Serpentine Folding, Table 6'X18" Folding, Table 6'X24" Folding, Table 6'X30" Folding, Table 6'X30" Plastic Folding, Table 8'X18" Folding, Table 8'X24" Folding, Table 8'X30" Folding, Table 8'X30" Folding, Table 8'X30" Plastic Folding, Table 8'X36" Folding, Table 8'X48" Estate 


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    Do I have to wash the linens after use?

    You do not need to wash the linens after you use them. We provide at least one cloth bag for the return of the linens. After the event, please shake the linens to make sure no food debris is left in the linens and then place the linens in the provided cloth bag. If you have unused linens, please also place these in the bag because we wash everything once returned.

    Can I hang my own lights in the tent?

    You are welcome to hang your own lights, but it is your responsibility to remove all items that do not belong to T3 from the tent before the scheduled pickup date/time. It’s also your responsibility for any damage to the tent while hanging/removing your items. If we arrive and items are still attached to the tent, we will have to leave and charge for a return trip to retrieve the tent once the hanging items are removed.

    How much space do we need for a tent?

    Rope and Pole tents require an additional 14 feet to stake the tent (7′ on each side) so make sure you take this into consideration when determining the area where you wish to place the tent.

    Do I have to wash the dishes after use?

    Please rinse food debris off plateware and flatware before return to make the cleaning process easier when it returns.

    Can I have a bonfire next to the tent?

    Any fire must be at least 1,000 feet away from the tent.

    Do the prices include setup and breakdown?

    Larger items and items that need tools to install do include setup and breakdown. This includes tents and tent accessories (lighting, drapery, etc.) and staging and flooring. The set up and break down of tables and chairs is the responsibility of the customer unless previously arranged for an additional charge.

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