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    Enhance the comfort and privacy of your outdoor event with our sidewalls. Designed to complement our tent offerings, these sidewalls provide protection from the elements while maintaining a sleek and professional appearance. Whether you’re hosting a wedding, festival, or corporate function, our sidewalls offer versatility and peace of mind. Explore our selection today and create the perfect outdoor environment for your guests.

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    10', 10'X10', 10'X20', 10'X30', 11', 11'X10', 20', 3'X20', 5', 7', 7'X10', 7'X15', 7'X20', 8', 8'X10', 8'X15', 8'X20', 8'X30', 9'X10', 9'X20'


    Clear, Mesh, Solid, Window, Production


    Anchor, Extension, Hexagon, Velcro, Toptec, N/A


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    Do I have to be at the delivery location to receive my delivery?

    Absolutely! Someone responsible needs to be able to receive the items upon delivery. We will go over the list with you and make sure that all items are accounted for and have you sign our paperwork agreeing you received all items.

    Can I have a bonfire next to the tent?

    Any fire must be at least 1,000 feet away from the tent.

    What kind of tent walls do you have?

    We have solid walls, window walls, and clear side walls. We also have doors.

    What is needed to reserve items?

    What is needed to reserve items?

    How long do I keep the items I rented?

    Our standard rental timeframe is approximately 3 or 4 days depending on the day of the event (delivery the business day before the event, pick up the business day after the event). We also offer long-term rental options for needs such as construction, renovation, natural disasters, etc.

    Do I need a permit for my tent?

    It is best to call your local planning and zoning department to confirm, but typically private events on private property do not need them. If you are a business hosting an event on a business address then you traditionally do need a permit.

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