Bar Rentals

From our bespoke bar where you choose the look to the rustic whiskey barrel bar, we can provide a unique bar option for your event. We deliver to Atlanta, Milton, Alpharetta, Suwanee, Marietta, Johns Creek and anywhere in the greater North Georgia area.

Boxwood Bar

5 panels of lush greenery to complement your theme. White bar is 77"Wx43"H x 30"D.

Whiskey Barrel Bar

Two whiskey barrels and a wood table top complement your farmhouse look. Top measures 30.5" x 60".

Tin Bar

Rustic old-timey bar has tin panels on three sides. 43" tall, 62.5" long, 35" deep. Pairs well with our whiskey barrels and industrial barback.

Industrial Barback

Use alone or pair with or whiskey barrel bar, tin bar, or barn door bar for a rustic look! 63.5"W x 18"D x 62.6"H

Barn Door Bar

This Barn Door Bar can be a focal point for your event's cocktail hour. Measures 42" tall x 60" wide x 30.5" deep.

Industrial Barrel Bar

Two of our rustic wooden wine barrels with a galvanized steel top. Top is  8' long, 3' wide.

Delano Bar

Choose a bartop from galvanized steel (shown) or white padded, choose your light color, and this bar will light up your event with style. 3'x7'x42".

Empire Bar

Mirrored panels and an architectural design for an elegant, classy look. Black bar with white hard plastic top. 

Palace Bar

Elegant gold scroll on our white bar is upscale and timeless. Design pictured in gold, can be customized to any color. Bar is 77"Wx43"H x 30"D.

Flower of Life Bar

This geometric flower design complements many styles. Design pictured in black, can be customized to any color. 5-paneled bar is 77"Wx43"H x 30"D.

Reflection Bar

Five mirrored panels make this white bar really shine! A clean and modern look. Bar is 77"Wx43"H x 30"D.

Luxe Tufted Bar

Choose all black, all white, or checkered design (shown). 5 panels. Looks great with our black and white checkered dance floor. Ask us about custom fabrics to match your theme. Bar is 77"Wx43"H x 30"D.

Bubble Bar

This black bar really excites a crowd with a lit bubble wall. Choose your light color to match your theme. 77"Wx43"H x 30"D.

Fireplace Bar - Coming soon!

A cozy fireplace panel in a black bar.