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  • 40′ Rope And Pole Tents


    Host your next event in style with our spacious 40′ rope and pole tents. Designed for versatility and durability, these tents provide ample room for guests while maintaining a timeless aesthetic. Whether you’re planning a wedding reception, a festival, or a corporate function, our tents offer shelter and sophistication. Browse our collection now and elevate your outdoor event experience.

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    40'X40' White High Peak Rope And Pole Tent, 40'X60' White High Peak Rope And Pole Tent, 40'X80' White High Peak Rope And Pole Tent, 40'X100' White High Peak Rope And Pole Tent, 40'X120' White High Peak Rope And Pole Tent, 40'X140' White High Peak Rope And Pole Tent, 40'X160' White High Peak Rope And Pole Tent, 40'X180' White High Peak Rope And Pole Tent, 40'X200' White High Peak Rope And Pole Tent, 40'X220' White High Peak Rope And Pole Tent


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    Can I hold a tent as a rain option?

    Absolutely! A 25% non-refundable down payment is required to reserve an item for you. This pulls the item out of our inventory and sets aside your delivery time in our schedule for the installation if it does move forward. You may cancel the tent before 12pm on the 5th business day before the delivery date. If you decide to move forward with the tent, the down payment would apply to the balance due.

    What can you do if we have a pool in our backyard?

    We have special braces that we use to create an entire flooring area over your pool. You can choose to cover it with plywood, staging, a dancefloor or keep it clear with Plexiglass.

    When is payment due?

    The balance is due 5 business days before delivery. If payment is not received, we will try to reach you to secure payment so the reservation goes forward. T3 reserves the right to cancel the reservation if we do not receive payment.

    What is the difference between a Rope and Pole and a High Peak Tent?

    A high peak tent is a rope and pole tent but it has very high peaks at the center poles to give it an elegant swooping peak that really stands out.

    What do I need to do before I receive a delivery?

    If you are getting items delivered to your backyard, please make sure you pick up after your pets. This ensures a clean area for your guests. It is also helpful to make sure your grass is cut at least the day before your tent is scheduled to be set up.

    Do I need a permit for my tent?

    It is best to call your local planning and zoning department to confirm, but typically private events on private property do not need them. If you are a business hosting an event on a business address then you traditionally do need a permit.

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