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  • Black Linens


    Black Linen Rentals at T3 Event Rentals

    Add a touch of classic elegance to your event with our Black Linen Rentals at T3 Event Rentals. Perfect for any occasion, our black linens bring a sleek and sophisticated feel to your table settings. They are ideal for weddings, corporate events, and casual gatherings.

    Available Sizes

    Rectangular Linens:

    • 64×152″ Black Linen Rentals: Perfect for long rectangular tables, offering full coverage and a sleek appearance.
    • 90×132″ Black Linens: Designed for longer rectangular tables, providing a tailored and polished look.
    • 60×120″ Black Linens: Ideal for standard banquet tables, ensuring a crisp and clean finish.
    • 108×156″ Black Linens: Suitable for oversized rectangular tables, providing a grand and opulent look.
    • 90×156″ Black Linens: Designed for large rectangular tables, delivering a seamless and elegant appearance.
    • 90×204″ Black Linens: Perfect for extra-long rectangular tables, offering comprehensive coverage and sophistication.

    Round Linens:

    • 120″ Round Black Linens: Suitable for larger round tables, creating a seamless and elegant look.
    • 90″ Round Black Linens: Perfect for smaller round tables, adding a chic and stylish touch.
    • 108″ Round Black Linens: Designed for medium-sized round tables, offering a graceful drape.
    • 132″ Round Black Linen Rentals: Suitable for extra-large round tables, delivering a grand and sophisticated appearance.

    Umbrella Linens:

    • 90″ Round Umbrella Black Linens: Ideal for round tables with umbrellas, ensuring a tailored and cohesive look.
    • 120″ Round Umbrella Black Linens: Perfect for larger round tables with umbrellas, providing a seamless and elegant appearance.

    Specialty Linens:

    • 30″ Black Linen Spandex: Ideal for smaller tables or cocktail tables, providing a modern and snug fit.

    Benefits of Black Linens

    Moreover, the timeless black color adds a sophisticated and stylish element to your event, ensuring a cohesive and elegant appearance. Additionally, these linens, made from high-quality materials, provide durability and a smooth finish. Furthermore, whether you are planning an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, our black linens will create an inviting and memorable atmosphere.

    Why Choose T3 Event Rentals?

    At T3 Event Rentals, we commit to offering exceptional linens that elevate your event’s aesthetic. Therefore, choose our black linens to add a touch of timeless elegance to your next event.


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    90X132", 60X120", 108X156, 90X156", 90X204", 64X152", 30" Round Spandex, 120" Round Linens, 90" Round Linens, 108" Round Linens, 132" Round Linens, 90" Round Umbrella Linens, 120" Round Umbrella Linens


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