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  • Celadon Linens


    Enhance your event with the serene and stylish touch of our celadon linens. These versatile linens are available in multiple sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for any table:

    • 60×120″ Linens: Ideal for rectangular tables, offering a sleek and elegant look.
    • 90×156″ Linens: Perfect for larger rectangular tables, providing a seamless and sophisticated appearance.
    • 120″ Round Linens: Suitable for round tables, creating a full and graceful drape that enhances any setting.
    • 108″ Round Linens: Great for medium-sized round tables, adding a polished and refined finish.
    • 96″ Round Linens: Perfect for standard round tables, ensuring a neat and attractive presentation.
    • 90×90″ Linens: Ideal for square and small round tables, offering a versatile and elegant touch.

    Crafted from high-quality fabric, our celadon linens are both durable and luxurious, ensuring your event decor stands out. Whether it’s a wedding, banquet, or any special celebration, these linens will add a touch of sophistication and impress your guests with their timeless elegance.



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    60X120" Linens, 90X156" Linens, 120" Round Linens, 108" Round Linens, 96" Round Linens, 90×90" Linens


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