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  • Driftwood Crossback Chair


    Add rustic elegance to your event with our Driftwood Crossback Chair. Crafted from solid wood with a weathered driftwood finish, this chair features a distinctive crossback design that adds charm and character to any setting. Whether used for weddings, rustic-themed events, or outdoor gatherings, it provides comfortable seating with a touch of natural beauty.



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    You are welcome to hang your own lights, but it is your responsibility to remove all items that do not belong to T3 from the tent before the scheduled pickup date/time. It’s also your responsibility for any damage to the tent while hanging/removing your items. If we arrive and items are still attached to the tent, we will have to leave and charge for a return trip to retrieve the tent once the hanging items are removed.

    Any changes must be finalized by 12pm 5 business days before delivery to ensure our staff has time to perfect your order by updating paperwork and pulling and checking items for delivery.

    A high peak tent is a rope and pole tent but it has very high peaks at the center poles to give it an elegant swooping peak that really stands out.

    Please rinse food debris off plateware and flatware before return to make the cleaning process easier when it returns.

    We have solid walls, window walls, and clear side walls. We also have doors.

    It is best to call your local planning and zoning department to confirm, but typically private events on private property do not need them. If you are a business hosting an event on a business address then you traditionally do need a permit.

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