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  • Drapes


    The cloth part of a pipe and drape setup.


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    1', 3', 4'x8', 7, 8, 9, 10', 10'x8', 11', 15'


    Beige Banjo, Black Blockout, Blue, Blue Banjo, Bright White, Icicle White, Sheer, Sheer White by the foot, White Banjo, White Poly


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    A high peak tent is a rope and pole tent but it has very high peaks at the center poles to give it an elegant swooping peak that really stands out.

    Our standard rental timeframe is approximately 3 or 4 days depending on the day of the event (delivery the business day before the event, pick up the business day after the event). We also offer long-term rental options for needs such as construction, renovation, natural disasters, etc.

    We understand things happen. If equipment is lost while in your possession, you will be responsible for replacement cost of that item.

    We have solid walls, window walls, and clear side walls. We also have doors.

    Depending on the surface, we stake into the ground or use concrete blocks to secure the tent. When necessary, we can even stake into asphalt – we drill a hole then patch it when we remove the tent. We always secure the tent.

    We understand things happen. We prefer to receive the broken item back. If it is unsafe to return the broken item to T3 so that it can be accounted for, please take plenty of pictures to document any damage.

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