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  • 12′ Frame Tents


    Create an intimate and stylish outdoor event space with our 12′ frame tents. Perfect for small gatherings, parties, and backyard weddings, these tents offer both charm and versatility. With their sturdy frame construction and customizable layout options, our tents provide the perfect solution for any outdoor occasion. Explore our selection today and make your event one to remember.


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    12'X12' Clear Top Frame Tent, 12'X12' White Top Frame Tent, 12'X18' Clear Top Frame Tent, 12'X18' White Top Frame Tent, 12'X24' Clear Top Frame Tent, 12'X24' White Top Frame Tent, 12'X30' Clear Top Frame Tent, 12'X30' White Top Frame Tent, 12'X36' Clear Top Frame Tent, 12'X36' White Top Frame Tent, 12'X42' Clear Top Frame Tent, 12'X42' White Top Frame Tent, 12'X48' Clear Top Frame Tent, 12'X48' White Top Frame Tent, 12'X54' Clear Top Frame Tent, 12'X54' White Top Frame Tent, 12'X60' Clear Top Frame Tent, 12'X60' White Top Frame Tent, 12'X66' Clear Top Frame Tent, 12'X66' White Top Frame Tent, 12'X72' Clear Top Frame Tent, 12'X72' White Top Frame Tent, 12'X78' Clear Top Frame Tent, 12'X78' White Top Frame Tent, 12'X84' Clear Top Frame Tent, 12'X84' White Top Frame Tent


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    Your irrigation lines must be marked before we arrive on site. You can call 811 for a free locate service of the major utility companies. They will only mark from the main line to the meter so it is your responsibility to know where lines run on your property. Most of the time we can avoid them if we know where they are.

    We always try to accommodate last-minute requests, but during peak times this may be not possible. Reserving your tent in advance ensures that both inventory and delivery slots are set aside for you.

    We can accommodate the smallest event in a 10 x 10 or go as large as a 60 x 230. Larger tents are available as well as structure tents. We can put multiple tents together to make a larger space – call and ask for more information to suit your needs.

    You do not need to wash the linens after you use them. We provide at least one cloth bag for the return of the linens. After the event, please shake the linens to make sure no food debris is left in the linens and then place the linens in the provided cloth bag. If you have unused linens, please also place these in the bag because we wash everything once returned.

    The balance is due 5 business days before delivery. If payment is not received, we will try to reach you to secure payment so the reservation goes forward. T3 reserves the right to cancel the reservation if we do not receive payment.

    We use a calculator that helps us to factor in miles driven, number of people in the truck and miles per gallon of gasoline. Our standard delivery fees cover a weekday delivery and pickup during normal delivery hours of 7am-3:30pm. We charge additional fees for deliveries outside of our delivery hours or when the crew must work longer than 8 hours and require overtime pay. Weekend deliveries or pickups also incur additional charges.

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