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  • Tent Gutters


    Gutter Tent To Wood 742 69.00
    Gutter Tent To Wood 778 4.05
    Gutter Tent To Tent 40′ 3476 92.00
    Gutter Tent To Tent 30′ 900 69.00
    Gutter Tent To Tent 20′ 814 46.00
    Gutter Tent To Tent 15′ 2110 30.00
    Gutter Tent To Tent 10′ 903 23.00
    Gutter Lean-To 2131 30.00
    Gutter 2-Way Tent To Tent 20′ 2455 46.00
    Gutter 2-Way Tent To Tent 15′ 2456 30.00
    Gutter 2-Way Tent To Tent 10′ 2457 23.00

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    Gutter Tent To Wood, Gutter Tent To Wood, Gutter Tent To Tent 40', Gutter Tent To Tent 30', Gutter Tent To Tent 20', Gutter Tent To Tent 15', Gutter Tent To Tent 10', Gutter Lean-To, Gutter 2-Way Tent, To Tent 20', Gutter 2-Way Tent To Tent 15', Gutter 2-Way Tent To Tent 10'


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    Where will the items be delivered?

    Our delivery includes a drop off to a location that is easily accessible from the truck since we will be carrying heavy / bulky items. Delivery to a basement or to a location that requires use of an elevator or flight of stairs will require additional charges due to additional time required to access the location.

    Do I have to wash the dishes after use?

    Please rinse food debris off plateware and flatware before return to make the cleaning process easier when it returns.

    Do I need a permit for my tent?

    It is best to call your local planning and zoning department to confirm, but typically private events on private property do not need them. If you are a business hosting an event on a business address then you traditionally do need a permit.

    What can you do if we have a pool in our backyard?

    We have special braces that we use to create an entire flooring area over your pool. You can choose to cover it with plywood, staging, a dancefloor or keep it clear with Plexiglass.

    What if I break a chair or a glass?

    We understand things happen. We prefer to receive the broken item back. If it is unsafe to return the broken item to T3 so that it can be accounted for, please take plenty of pictures to document any damage.

    What are the sizes of your tents?

    We can accommodate the smallest event in a 10 x 10 or go as large as a 60 x 230. Larger tents are available as well as structure tents. We can put multiple tents together to make a larger space – call and ask for more information to suit your needs.

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    Get ready for the Lake Lanier Boat Show this weekend at Margaritaville, Lanier Islands! We had the pleasure of installing two large 40x frame tents.