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  • Tent Gutters


    Gutter Tent To Wood 742 69.00
    Gutter Tent To Wood 778 4.05
    Gutter Tent To Tent 40′ 3476 92.00
    Gutter Tent To Tent 30′ 900 69.00
    Gutter Tent To Tent 20′ 814 46.00
    Gutter Tent To Tent 15′ 2110 30.00
    Gutter Tent To Tent 10′ 903 23.00
    Gutter Lean-To 2131 30.00
    Gutter 2-Way Tent To Tent 20′ 2455 46.00
    Gutter 2-Way Tent To Tent 15′ 2456 30.00
    Gutter 2-Way Tent To Tent 10′ 2457 23.00


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    Gutter Tent To Wood, Gutter Tent To Wood, Gutter Tent To Tent 40', Gutter Tent To Tent 30', Gutter Tent To Tent 20', Gutter Tent To Tent 15', Gutter Tent To Tent 10', Gutter Lean-To, Gutter 2-Way Tent, To Tent 20', Gutter 2-Way Tent To Tent 15', Gutter 2-Way Tent To Tent 10'


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    We understand things happen. We prefer to receive the broken item back. If it is unsafe to return the broken item to T3 so that it can be accounted for, please take plenty of pictures to document any damage.

    You do not need to wash the linens after you use them. We provide at least one cloth bag for the return of the linens. After the event, please shake the linens to make sure no food debris is left in the linens and then place the linens in the provided cloth bag. If you have unused linens, please also place these in the bag because we wash everything once returned.

    Not always. If we are unable to stake the tent, we will use concrete blocks to safely secure the tent.

    A high peak tent is a rope and pole tent but it has very high peaks at the center poles to give it an elegant swooping peak that really stands out.

    • Be prepared to answer any calls from a number you do not recognize – this will be the delivery driver.
    • Provide alternate contact information in the event that we are unable to reach you for delivery.
    • If you have animals in the event area, please make sure that all animal feces have been picked up.
    • Make sure furniture is removed from the setup location before delivery.
    • Move vehicles so the crew has easy access to event space.
    • Contact 811 to locate any underground power, utility, or water lines. The customer is responsible for locating septic systems or irrigation lines.
    • Mark desired tent location with flags or paint or any object which would identify the placement of the tent.

    We always try to accommodate last-minute requests, but during peak times this may be not possible. Reserving your tent in advance ensures that both inventory and delivery slots are set aside for you.

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