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  • White Linens


    Create a timeless and elegant atmosphere for your event with our white linen rentals. These high-quality linens bring a classic and sophisticated charm to any occasion, making them perfect for weddings, banquets, and special celebrations. Available in a wide range of sizes to suit any table, our white linens provide a polished and stylish look.

    Available Sizes:

    • 54×120″ Linens: Ideal for smaller rectangular tables, providing a sleek and contemporary appearance.
    • 108×156″ Linens: Perfect for larger rectangular tables, offering a seamless and elegant look.
    • 60×120″ Linens: Ideal for standard rectangular tables, providing a sleek and modern finish.
    • 72×72″ Linens: Suitable for small square tables, offering a neat and refined finish.
    • 90×108″ Linens: Great for medium-sized rectangular tables, adding a polished touch.
    • 90×132″ Linens: Perfect for larger rectangular tables, offering a seamless and elegant appearance.
    • 90×156″ Linens: Designed for banquet tables, these linens add a grand and luxurious touch.
    • 90×204″ Linens: Suitable for extra-long banquet tables, ensuring comprehensive coverage.
    • 108″ Round Linens: Great for medium-sized round tables, adding a polished and refined finish.
    • 120″ Round Linens: Perfect for large round tables, creating a full and graceful drape.
    • 132″ Round Linens: Suitable for extra-large round tables, adding a grand and elegant touch.
    • 90″ Round Linens: Ideal for smaller round tables, providing a charming and intimate feel.
    • 96″ Round Linens: Perfect for standard round tables, ensuring a neat and attractive presentation.
    • 30″ Linen Spandex: Ideal for cocktail tables, providing a sleek and modern appearance.
    • 120″ Round Umbrella Linens: Designed specifically for tables with umbrellas, offering a tailored and elegant fit.
    • 90″ Round Umbrella Linens: Ideal for smaller round tables with umbrellas, providing a neat and elegant appearance.
    • 90×90″ Square Linen: Perfect for square and small round tables, offering a versatile and elegant touch.

    Crafted from premium fabric, our white linens are both durable and luxurious. They ensure your event decor is both stunning and functional. Whether you’re hosting an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, these linen rentals will enhance your decor and leave a lasting impression on your guests.


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    54X120 Linens, 108X156 Linens, 60X120" Linens, 72X72" Linens, 90X108" Linens, 90X132" Linens, 90X156" Linens, 90X204 Linens, 108" Round Linens, 120" Round Linens, 132" Round Linens, 90" Round Linens, 96" Round Linens, 30" Linen Spandex, 120" Round Umbrella Linens, 90" Round Umbrella Linens, 90X90 Square Linen, 48" Linen Spandex, 60" Round Spandex Linen


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    Our standard rental timeframe is approximately 3 or 4 days depending on the day of the event (delivery the business day before the event, pick up the business day after the event). We also offer long-term rental options for needs such as construction, renovation, natural disasters, etc.

    Our delivery includes a drop off to a location that is easily accessible from the truck since we will be carrying heavy / bulky items. Delivery to a basement or to a location that requires use of an elevator or flight of stairs will require additional charges due to additional time required to access the location.

    We always try to accommodate last-minute requests, but during peak times this may be not possible. Reserving your tent in advance ensures that both inventory and delivery slots are set aside for you.

    • Be prepared to answer any calls from a number you do not recognize – this will be the delivery driver.
    • Provide alternate contact information in the event that we are unable to reach you for delivery.
    • If you have animals in the event area, please make sure that all animal feces have been picked up.
    • Make sure furniture is removed from the setup location before delivery.
    • Move vehicles so the crew has easy access to event space.
    • Contact 811 to locate any underground power, utility, or water lines. The customer is responsible for locating septic systems or irrigation lines.
    • Mark desired tent location with flags or paint or any object which would identify the placement of the tent.

    You do not need to wash the linens after you use them. We provide at least one cloth bag for the return of the linens. After the event, please shake the linens to make sure no food debris is left in the linens and then place the linens in the provided cloth bag. If you have unused linens, please also place these in the bag because we wash everything once returned.

    Not always. If we are unable to stake the tent, we will use concrete blocks to safely secure the tent.

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