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  • 100 Ton Chiller


    Introducing our powerful 100 Ton Chiller, designed to keep your event cool and comfortable. Whether it’s a corporate function, film set, or trade show, this chiller offers reliable cooling performance to ensure your guests stay refreshed throughout the event. With efficient cooling for large-scale events, it’s ideal for corporate functions, film sets, and trade shows.

    Key Features:

    • Provides efficient cooling for large-scale events
    • Ideal for corporate functions, film sets, and trade shows
    • Ensures guests remain comfortable and refreshed
    • Reliable performance for continuous cooling needs

    Don’t let the heat disrupt your event. Rent our 100 Ton Chiller today and keep the temperature just right for your guests.


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    Do you have clear top tents?

    Yes we do! Our frame tents can have clear tops which are wonderful for use during the fall, winter, and spring months.

    Will you set up tables and chairs?

    We typically do not, but we are happy to do this for you. You may request setup and breakdown of tables and chairs in advance during the reservation process. An additional charge will be necessary for this service.

    What kind of tent walls do you have?

    We have solid walls, window walls, and clear side walls. We also have doors.

    How much space do we need for a tent?

    Rope and Pole tents require an additional 14 feet to stake the tent (7′ on each side) so make sure you take this into consideration when determining the area where you wish to place the tent.

    Can you cover the tent poles to make it look better?

    Absolutely! We have a full range of tent drapery accessories to meet your needs.

    What if I have irrigation or utilities in my yard?

    Your irrigation lines must be marked before we arrive on site. You can call 811 for a free locate service of the major utility companies. They will only mark from the main line to the meter so it is your responsibility to know where lines run on your property. Most of the time we can avoid them if we know where they are.

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