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  • 50′ Frame Tents


    Create a versatile and stylish event space with our 50′ frame tents. Designed for stability and convenience, these tents are perfect for weddings, trade shows, and outdoor celebrations of all kinds. With their sturdy frame construction and customizable layout options, our tents provide the perfect solution for any outdoor event. Explore our selection today and transform your outdoor space with ease.

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    50'X25' White Top Frame Tent, 50'X25' Clear Top Frame Tent, 50'X30' White Top Frame Tent, 50'X30' Clear Top Frame Tent, 50'X35' White Top Frame Tent, 50'X40' White Top Frame Tent, 50'X40' Clear Top Frame Tent, 50'X45' White Top Frame Tent, 50'X45' Clear Top Frame Tent, 50'X50' Clear Top Frame Tent, 50'X55' White Top Frame Tent, 50'X55' Clear Top Frame Tent, 50'X60' Clear Top Frame Tent, 50'X60' White Top Frame Tent, 50'X65' White Top Frame Tent, 50'X70' White Top Frame Tent, 50'X70' Clear Top Frame Tent, 50'X75' White Top Frame Tent, 50'X75' Clear Top Frame Tent, 50'X80' White Top Frame Tent, 50'X80' Clear Top Frame Tent, 50'X85' White Top Frame Tent, 50'X85' Clear Top Frame Tent, 50'X90' White Top Frame Tent, 50'X90' Clear Top Frame Tent, 50'X95' White Top Frame Tent, 50'X100' White Top Frame Tent, 50'X100' Clear Top Frame Tent, 50'X110' Clear Top Frame Tent, 50'X120' White Top Frame Tent, 50'X150' White Top Frame Tent, 50'X180' Clear Top Frame Tent


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    Can I hang my own lights in the tent?

    You are welcome to hang your own lights, but it is your responsibility to remove all items that do not belong to T3 from the tent before the scheduled pickup date/time. It’s also your responsibility for any damage to the tent while hanging/removing your items. If we arrive and items are still attached to the tent, we will have to leave and charge for a return trip to retrieve the tent once the hanging items are removed.

    What if I have irrigation or utilities in my yard?

    Your irrigation lines must be marked before we arrive on site. You can call 811 for a free locate service of the major utility companies. They will only mark from the main line to the meter so it is your responsibility to know where lines run on your property. Most of the time we can avoid them if we know where they are.

    Do you have clear top tents?

    Yes we do! Our frame tents can have clear tops which are wonderful for use during the fall, winter, and spring months.

    Will you set up tables and chairs?

    We typically do not, but we are happy to do this for you. You may request setup and breakdown of tables and chairs in advance during the reservation process. An additional charge will be necessary for this service.

    How much space do we need for a tent?

    Rope and Pole tents require an additional 14 feet to stake the tent (7′ on each side) so make sure you take this into consideration when determining the area where you wish to place the tent.

    Can I hold a tent as a rain option?

    Absolutely! A 25% non-refundable down payment is required to reserve an item for you. This pulls the item out of our inventory and sets aside your delivery time in our schedule for the installation if it does move forward. You may cancel the tent before 12pm on the 5th business day before the delivery date. If you decide to move forward with the tent, the down payment would apply to the balance due.

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    Get ready for the Lake Lanier Boat Show this weekend at Margaritaville, Lanier Islands! We had the pleasure of installing two large 40x frame tents.