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  • Popcorn Cart


    Complete your popcorn setup with our Popcorn Cart. Featuring a charming vintage design and ample storage space, this cart adds flair to your popcorn station while providing convenient mobility. Whether you’re hosting a carnival-themed party or a movie marathon, this cart is sure to impress.



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    We have solid walls, window walls, and clear side walls. We also have doors.

    Unfortunately, planning an outdoor event is difficult due to the uncertainty of the weather, but if we deliver products, we expect payment in full. Please keep in mind that tents are temporary structures and are not to be used as storm-shelters. We recommend that every outdoor event has an evacuation plan in place prior to the event.

    You do not need to wash the linens after you use them. We provide at least one cloth bag for the return of the linens. After the event, please shake the linens to make sure no food debris is left in the linens and then place the linens in the provided cloth bag. If you have unused linens, please also place these in the bag because we wash everything once returned.

    Not always. If we are unable to stake the tent, we will use concrete blocks to safely secure the tent.

    Please rinse food debris off plateware and flatware before return to make the cleaning process easier when it returns.

    Any fire must be at least 1,000 feet away from the tent.

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